Suicide Prevention Initiative
501 N. Hill St
Phone 574-631-1101

  1. Brooke Ammerman headshot

    Brooke Ammerman, Ph.D.

    Dr. Marsha Linehan Director of Secondary Prevention

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  2. Donna Armentrout

    Donna Armentrout, Psy.D.

    Staff Psychologist

  3. Theodore Beauchaine

    Theodore Beauchaine, Ph.D.

    Director of Primary Prevention, William K. Warren Foundation Professor of Psychology

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  4. Jayme Culwell

    Jayme Culwell, LCSW

    Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Program Coordinator

  5. Jennifer Hames

    Jennifer Hames, Ph.D.

    Clinic Director, Notre Dame Psychological Services Center

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  6. Cheryl Lee

    Cheryl Lee, M.S.

    Research Project Program Manager

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  7. Tnicoletti Nd Headshot Cropped 2 Resize

    Taylor Nicoletti, Psy.D.

    Community Outreach, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology

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  8. Frank Spesia

    Frank Spesia

    CHCP Associate Director, Research Dev & Partnerships

  9. Danielle Sterling

    Danielle Sterling

    Graduate Student

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  10. Khirsten Wilson 1

    Khirsten J. Wilson

    Graduate Student

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